Doing Spa at Home

Going to the beach, laying down for a sunbath, and having barbecue with your friends and family at the park are the most popular activities in the Summer time. Right now the fall season is coming, and people have to go back working and studying hard, no more long vacations for them. Working and studying seem very stressful for many people. Stress can happen in the work place, and it causes of another sickness and reduce personal productive. How you can get rid of the stress. I have some tip from my experience by using treatment and spa. There are very easy and not an expensive. Moreover, these tips can help you to recharge your energy and be ready to work or study during the fall season.

1. Setting your bathroom like spa resort

                First step, you need to clean your bathroom and clear some stuff that is clutter around your bath tub. Then you bring your candle that you already buy from the store (for candle tips I recommend you to buy the aroma candles or another one that you love it smell. Next, you fill warm water in your bath tub. Finally, you light your candle and take your time in your bath tub until you feel fresh. Some time I have music while I am in a bath tub. This is my favorite tip that I always do when I have stress from my work and my school.

2. Turn on relaxing music while you are sleeping

                This tip is very easy and does not take time to do anything. You only go to the store and buy a CD about relaxing or you can download one from iTunes. Then you turn on this music before you sleep and listen until you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel free from the problems or stress that you met from yesterday because your brain doesn’t concern anything while you are sleeping. This tactic of release stress I take from my mom. I remember that the night before my exam my mom always turned on some music such as solo piano or natural sound while I were sleeping. When I woke up, I felt very fresh and was ready to go to school.

3. Practicing meditation at your home

                This is the most popular Thai spa treatment that can help people reduce their stress without spending a lot of money just by doing it in your home. It is very easy to do meditation. You only sit on the floor or chair that make you feel comfortable. Then close your eyes and do not think anything. You only concern about your inhale and exhale. You try to do meditation around 30 minutes after that your brain will feel free from stress. This is easy

Now, it’s time for you to take away your stress by doing spa at your home.


About bellelunya

I love to use SPA and spa treatment products. It helps me to reduce stress after work and school. I would like to share my experience of using some products and a good place for refreshing your life.
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2 Responses to Doing Spa at Home

  1. Klomjan says:

    Hi… bellelunya
    I do love your idea about doing Spa at your home. It can be a big safe from going to Spa resort.

  2. jan says:

    Great photos! I’m ready to go get a massage right now.

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