Spa vs Stress

 When you heard the word “SPA”, what is the first feeling that pops up in your head? For me, relaxing and refreshing are my first emotional responded with spa. Nowadays, spa is very familial activities with people who want to reduce their stress and refresh their energy from their routine life.              

               For example, every day when you wake up, you have to prepare breakfast for your family or yourself and send your kid to school before going to work. Then during the day, you have to face with many problems from your jobs, your boss, your co-workers, and your friends. Sometimes, you need to have your lunch very fast and get back to your work or some people don’t have time to have their lunch. When you finish working, some people have to hurry to pick up their children, and some people have to go to school after work. In the evening, you have to prepare dinner for your family, take care your kids, dogs, or clean your house. Some people bring their work to work at home after that time to go bed. 

  All of this routine life I believe if I ask the question “Have you ever been had your life like this example? Please raise your hand or just nod your head.” I think I can see many hand from all of you including me. Furthermore, I would like to ask some questions and please answer from your heart:

  • Have you ever been thought why we had to work hard and fight with many problems? Why?
  • Have you ever wanted to shout “I want to take a break and go somewhere with my family, friends, or by myself to charge my energy”? Why do you want that?

            When you already know your answer, you will know how much stress you have if you say “yes” from both questions. So, you need to do something that can help you to reduce your your stress and be ready deal with problems, work, or study. Therefore, spa is the answer of helping you to get rid of stress and helping you to refresh your life.


About bellelunya

I love to use SPA and spa treatment products. It helps me to reduce stress after work and school. I would like to share my experience of using some products and a good place for refreshing your life.
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One Response to Spa vs Stress

  1. Kant says:

    I’m the one who love to make home SPA. Fortunately my home town has a lot of local herb which i love to use it for aromatherapy. Anyway, i have been SPA to have a Thai massage by expert therapist. it is very helpful to release and relax my stress.

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